Production Guidelines

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Production Guidelines

Post by Coxy on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:42 pm

Production of Items :

  1. Tallies will be set up showing the amount of items required for a challenge.
  2. Choose the challenge in which the item you will be producing is in.
  3. Click On 'Cast Your Vote' button.
  4. When you first enter poll scroll to the bottom and click on 'View Vote Stats'
  5. Look for the Item that you are going to produce and check that the vote number is less than the amount required to be produced. If its the same you will need to find another item to produce.
  6. Click on your browsers back button to return to the selection window and click on the item that you selected in Step 3 and then submit your vote. (Please do not add more than 1 item to your vote to allow for easier tracking of email notifications).
  7. You will now be taken to results page again.
  8. If you wish to build another item then repeat Steps 3 & 4. Be sure to refresh the browser before voting again unless the item you are voting for is identical. 
  9. Now click on "Return To Website" and you will be returned to Challenge Production Tallies on the forum.
  10. Happy Building and see you in the Challenges.

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