General Behaviour

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General Behaviour

Post by Coxy on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:54 pm

1. Members are NOT to deliberately send harmful attacks against fellow members. If you accidentally send one by mistake send that member a message to let them know it was an accident. When the results of the attack come in, if you win take note of the amount of silver you take and then send barter attacks to that member until you make up the total you took.
2. If you need to perform attacks against a member to earn achievements, then ask them first if its alright to do so.
3. NO abusing or baiting of members in the rookery.
4. No excessive chat in rookery, it obscure's the relevant information that is being reported there, ie : Addition of Items, Boss Challenge Link Invites.
5. If you wish to chat with members then do so here in the forums.
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