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Start Time Polls

Post by Coxy on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:51 pm

Challenge Start Time Polls :

  1. Challenge Start Time polls will be setup to give a preferred starting time between the 3 member zones which are :

            Zone 1 - Asia/Australia
            Zone 2 - Europe/Africa
            Zone 3 - Nth/Sth America

  2. Each challenge will be given 4 starting options set to GMT.
  3. If you dont like the given times there is the option to add your preferred time instead.
  4. Polls will close 8 hours before the 1st of the initial 4 start time options.
  5. Start Times polls will be closed once 3 members from preferred zone have selected the same Start Time.
  6. All members can vote in each poll in case 3 members from Zone dont vote but preference will go to Zone members who voted.
  7. At close of poll if no preferred time has been chosen, Admin will choose a time or if there is a deadlock, Admin will split the difference between chosen times.
  8. Once a Start Time has been selected, Admin will set up a Challenge Event.
  9. Under NO circumstances is a member to start a challenge unless authorised to do so by Admin.
  10. There maybe circumstances in which a challenge may need to be started without poll and members will be notified by Global Announcement in the forums and Posted in the Games Rookery.
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