The Vision Upon which this Alliance has been Forged

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The Vision Upon which this Alliance has been Forged

Post by Eandros on Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:33 am

When Matt joined our Alliance we both soon realised we had the same vision for it. He took control of it, organised and shaped it into what it has become today. Behind him every step of the way has been me helping and supporting him at every opportunity.

The Vision? To get this Alliance, active, happy and moving up the rankings. Unlike the other top alliances we do things very differently or we would be up there among them already. 
What makes us different? We factor in consideration for everyone in the alliance.
We do not believe that the Strong should inherit everything so we try to make sure the Challenge prizes get spread about even if it means we have to sit in a challenge and do nothing for hours. We alternate start times of challenges to broadly suit all time zones. Challenge item production has been carefully set up so we do not have two people producing the same item for the same challenge unnecessarily. We get frustrated by those who invite us to challenges of their own and expect us to carry the challenge when we have only just reincarnated and don't do much damage.

And what makes me fly off the handle? Well when people ignore everything Matt has put in place for your benefit and you do your own thing. That means both he and I have to spend too much time out of enjoying our own game to put things right again. My anger is never directed on a personal level.

Both he and I do you the courtesy of showing everyone equally in the alliance what we are doing. It is only fair that we expect you to reciprocate that courtesy.

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